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Infinity Project - Increasing Wave X Frequency (432 Hz)

Brand: BoA Beats ReChords

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Artist: Infinity Project (Leo Phoenix)
Title: Increasing Wave X Frequency (432 Hz)
Label: BoA Beats ReChords
Genre: Ambient, Electronic
Date: April 26, 2016
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 8:10

BoA Beats ReChords is proud to present its 3rd release, by Infinity Project, titled "Increasing Wave X Frequency (432 Hz)".

In optics, X-waves solution has been reported within a quantum mechanical formulation.

In physics, X-waves are localized solutions of the wave equation that travel at a constant velocity in a given direction. X-waves can be sound, electromagnetic, or gravitational waves. They are built as a non-monochromatic superposition of Bessel beams. X-waves carry infinite energy. Finite-energy realizations have been observed in various frameworks.

Let the increasing 432 Hz wave x frequency carry you to higher realms.



01-Infinity Project - Increasing Frequency - (3:16) @ 432 Hz
02-Infinity Project - Wave X (4:54) @ 432 Hz

All tracks written, produced and mastered by: Leo Phoenix, Canada.

Artwork Cover by: Sum Angelus Dei, Canada.
Distributed by: ElectroD.me

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